Hopkinton, MA:

This Single-Family in Hopkinton, MA recently sold for $865,000.
This is a Colonial style home and features 8 total rooms, 3 full baths, 1 half bath, 4 bedrooms, 1.40 acres, and was sold by
Chuck Joseph – RE/MAX Executive Realty

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Image by Katrin B. from Pixabay

As you get ready to show your home, you likely already set up a place for your pets to go during that time. But did you remember to set aside some time to wear out all their excess energy before they go? If not, then this is a good time to figure out how you will help them get the wiggles out well before starting the home showing process. Here’s four ideas to help you get started.

Play a Few Games of Fetch

Although it’s a basic game of throw and retrieve, pets love to play fetch with their owners. You don’t even need a lot of space to get the game started. Don’t have a big yard to run in? Just play a rapid-fire version of fetch in your living room.

Wherever you are, just grab their favorite toy and give it a toss to begin the game. Then, call them back to you once they have it and give them a reward. Repeat until it wears everyone out.

If your pet is not getting the picture, roll out the high value treats to make the game much more enticing. Even cats can learn how to play fetch if they are keen on the treats you offer.

Challenge Them to a Chase

Much like your pet, you undoubtedly have tons of nervous energy to expend before your home showing. If that’s the case, then both you and your pet could benefit from a rousing game of chase.

All you have to do is get your pet’s attention, crouch down ever so slightly, and then bolt in the opposite direction. As they come running full bore to catch you, it’ll be tough to avoid getting a serious case of the giggles. By the end, you’ll be in a great mood and ready for whatever the day brings—and so will they.

Take a Long Hike Together

Venturing out into the great outdoors is another great way to exercise your pet while improving your own outlook. As you both spend time in nature, the stress will melt away, leaving genuine feelings of wellbeing in their place.

No matter where you live, you likely have tons of trails in your midst. To find them, look at the nearby state and national parks to see which trailheads are closest. Just remember to verify that pets are allowed on the trail before you leave.

Break Out the Puzzle Games

Fetch, chase games and hikes are physically exhausting, but the reason they wear out your pet so well is that they also make them think. So, if you don’t have the time and space for physical activities, you can get a similar effect by breaking out the puzzle games.

Purpose-built puzzle games for pets challenge them to figure out how to flip switches, pull levers and open doors to get the treat inside. Pets tend to get plenty tired from working through the puzzles a few times since it has them using their brains in a whole new way. Just be sure to switch out the puzzles often to keep them feeling challenged.

By the end of your activities, your pets will be ready to go to the doggy daycare or pet sitter while you show your house. You can then focus on finding the perfect buyer for your home while your pets get in a good rest.  

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If you’ve bought a home that includes kitchen appliances, you may need to sell your current appliances before moving day. Fortunately, if you host a garage sale, you can sell a wide range of kitchen appliances in no time at all.

Some of the most popular kitchen appliances to sell at a garage sale include:

1. Refrigerator

In many instances, a homebuyer will request a refrigerator in a home offer. And if the seller accepts this proposal, a property buyer may need to get rid of his or her current refrigerator quickly.

Selling your refrigerator during your garage sale offers several benefits. First, you may be able to earn several hundred dollars for your refrigerator if it looks and performs great. You also can sell your refrigerator before your move, thereby eliminating the risk that you’ll have to relocate this large, heavy appliance to your new address.

Evaluate the age and condition of your refrigerator prior to pricing it. That way, you can establish a competitive price for your appliance.

In addition, spend some time cleaning your refrigerator’s interior and exterior. This will increase the likelihood that your refrigerator will stir up interest from garage sale shoppers.

2. Microwave

Although your kitchen microwave has served you well for many years, you likely have no need for two microwaves at your new address. Luckily, you can sell your current microwave now to earn extra cash prior to moving day.

Many microwaves are available, and as such, you’ll want to learn as much as possible about your microwave. This will enable you to provide garage sale shoppers with plenty of information about your microwave’s features.

Don’t forget to test and clean your microwave before you add it to your garage sale inventory. By doing so, you can guarantee your microwave performs correctly and looks outstanding when you try to sell it during your garage sale.

3. Toaster

Your toaster has been a mainstay in your kitchen, but there may be no time like the present to sell it.

Remove crumbs and other food particles from your toaster as soon as possible. These particles can affect a toaster’s performance, and in some instances, create fire hazards.

Furthermore, wipe down your toaster’s exterior. An in-depth toaster cleaning will help you generate interest in your appliance during your garage sale.

Kitchen appliances usually are in high demand among garage sale shoppers. If you dedicate the necessary time and resources to clean and maintain these items, you should have no trouble selling them at a garage sale.

Lastly, if you plan to buy a home in the near future, you may want to consult with a real estate agent. This housing market professional can keep you up to date about new homes as they hit the market and help you submit offers on houses. Plus, a real estate agent will make it easy to plan ahead for a pre-moving day garage sale and ensure you can enjoy a seamless transition from one address to another.

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An engaging home listing can play a key role in your ability to sell your house. If your listing hits the mark with potential buyers, the likelihood increases that buyers will set up showings to view your residence. And as a result, it may be only a matter of time before you receive multiple offers to purchase your house.

Ultimately, creating an engaging home listing can be simple – here are three tips to help you craft an effective listing for your residence.

1. Provide Accurate Information About Your Home

A home listing often introduces a buyer to a house. If a listing includes accurate information about a residence, a buyer may be inclined to check out a particular house sooner rather than later.

Remember, it is your duty as a home seller to help a buyer make an informed decision about whether to pursue your residence. If you include accurate information about your house’s age and condition in your listing, you can make it easy for a homebuyer to determine whether your residence is the right choice based on his or her individual needs.

2. Include High-Resolution Photos of Your Home

An engaging home listing includes lots of relevant information about a home. At the same time, this listing should feature plenty of high-resolution photos that showcase the true size and beauty of each room of your residence.

If possible, take photographs that can help buyers envision what it is like to walk through your house. You may want to clean your home from top to bottom and remove clutter before you take these photos as well.

For those who want extra help with real estate photography, you can always hire a professional photographer. Because if you have a real estate photographer at your side, you can reap the benefits of top-notch photographs that can be incorporated into your home listing.

3. Keep Your Home Listing Simple

There is no need to use big words or complex phrases to try to differentiate your home listing from others. Instead, keep things simple, and homebuyers can decide for themselves whether to move forward with a home showing.

Lastly, if you need help crafting an engaging home listing, you can always reach out to a real estate agent for assistance. This housing market professional can provide expert guidance throughout the home selling journey and ensure you can achieve the optimal results.

A real estate agent will learn about your home and help you put together an informative home listing. He or she also will set up home showings and open house events to promote your residence to prospective buyers. And if you receive an offer to purchase your house, a real estate agent can help you review this proposal and determine the best course of action.

Ready to add your house to the real estate market? Use the aforementioned tips, and you can create an engaging listing to help your house stand out to dozens of potential buyers.

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